Modular Houston

Neon Garden - September

Modular Houston performing upstairs, retro gaming stations, courtyard with stage and more music, good beer and drinks, come have fun! We have a super-diverse lineup for this evening.

Saturday 8pm, upstairs, Axelrad Beer Garden, 1517 Alabama St, Houston, TX 77004

Comp. Album: judges needed

We received 20 submissions and about 7-9 will be able to be included on the 12". Vinyl is inherently time-limited, however the digital release will be made to all major platforms and include all tracks.

We are partnering with a pressing service that will let us pre-sell the records. To fund the pressing, we will need to pre-sell a minimum of 100 however it works like Kickstarter; if we don't meet the funding goal, you are refunded. Assuming we fund it, from funding to vinyl in your hand will be 2.5-3 months.

We are asking YOU to sign up. More details HERE.

Your local synth authority

Modular Houston is a community of synthesizer enthusiasts. We started in 2018 as a group just for modular synthesis but have expanded to include anyone who uses synths, noise boxes, drum machines, samplers, etc. We have events monthly that vary from meet-and-greet / show-your-gear, performances, educational workshops, and even dance parties. All styles and genres of music are welcome.

We are 100% inclusive of all ages / sizes / genders / orientations / skill levels / experience.

Aug 27th Neon Garden Event

End of August saw a stacked line-up of diverse styles. From 404 samplers and pedal boards to synth pop and a bona fide bassist, multiple performers using vocals, and of course everyone's amazing and unique gear they use made for an awesome display. But y'all are the best, the crowds have been great. You guys make our shows so great, we can't wait to see you next month!

Next Neon Garden at Axelrad is Sat. 9/24 at 8pm.

BLÜÜ / @Future_Sick

Broken Robot Brain Tubes / @michaels.moode

Aga Zet / @personifixation

ETERNAREALM / @eternarealm

Breaker / @breakerhtx

OSCALLATOR / @oscallator

July 30th Neon Garden Event

Modular HTX was in full-effect with six artists upstairs and two outside. If you haven't been, we do this the last Saturday of every month at Axelrad. Retro gaming and craft beer, live music, what more could you want?

Vertigo Blue TM / @vertigobluetm

DomeHead / @domeheadeyes

Lost Cat Magnet / @acevedoricardo2016

OKHUMAN / @_okhuman_

HDSLAVE / @hdslave

In The Low / @inthelowstagram

Renku Corporation / @renkucorp

HTXEDIFICE / @htxedifice

Neon Garden at Axelrad

The last Saturday of each month is Neon Garden at Axelrad Beer Garden which features retro gaming on consoles throughout the venue, one or two mainstream bands and Modular Houston Showcase of artists, and of course plenty of great beer on tap. Sound and visual are in collaboration with Wonky Power Records. Starts at 7pm, music starts at 8pm, goes until midnight.

Slamazon Brainforest

Vertigo Blue

In The Low




Trovarsi and Space Racer

Rocketship Ajax and friend

Performance Events

We routinely put on performance events including Neon Garden and others. Performers from Austin, Colorado, and SoCal have all appeared alongside Modular Houston artists. We have used numerous venues including Big Star, Dan Electro's, Wonky Power, Insomnia Gallery, Emmit's Place, Houston Piano Company, Brasil, Khon's. Events typically feature a wide range of styles and performers, with the only requirement that synthesizer(s) (or drum machines, samplers, etc) are used. It need not be modular, it need not be exclusively synthesizer. We are welcoming of everyone's music.

If you are interested in performing, even if you have played with us before please sign up so we have your info and can promote you.

Educational Workshops

We routinely put on or co-host instructional workshops. These range from an extensive talk on the usages of the Make Noise Maths module, the basics of modular synthesis and signal flow, theory of sound and synthesis, historical discussion of electronic music, DIY workshops for building modules and pedals, and more.