Modular Houston Compilation Album
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Modular Houston will be releasing a compilation album soon of members' tracks. It will be available on all streaming platforms and on Bandcamp. There will also be a "kickstarter-style" vinyl release. Because vinyl is a time-limited format, we can only accommodate a portion of the submissions.

Judges will have access to listen to all of the tracks on the full digital album, then rank tracks in preferential order in terms of what they would like to hear on the physical album. You will receive an email with a private link to the tracks for listening, as well as a unique voting link to submit your choices.

Once results are in, I will post the track list for a physical album and we will start pre-sale. This works like kickstarter in that if we don't presell enough copies to justify the cost of production, everyone gets their money back. Otherwise about 3 months from the point of funding, we should be able to put a 180 gram vinyl 12" in your hands.

We need you to sign up to vote so we can give you the private listening link and unique voting link.

Thank you.